How We Work

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At Build To Serve, we use dual track agile approach. By discovering the right opportunities and delivering at increased velocity, we have consistently delivered delightful digital experiences.

Our Process

Small Teams Of Cross-Functional A+ Players

We assemble a collaborative and cross-functional squad. Product Managers, UX Designers, Engineers collaborate together throughout the process bringing valuable, craft-specific insights to every product decision.

Continuous Product Discovery

We employ continuous discovery for new product initiatives as well as for the evolution of existing products across all phases of development. Main objective is to test and validate using the four product risk areas – desirability, usability, viability, and feasibility – using the frameworks such as design sprints, clickable prototypes, user interviews.


Accelerated Product Delivery

We accelerate the product delivery by validating all the risks before writing a single line of code and eliminating the unneeded features. Development is led by a technical manager according to Scrum principles, in two-week sprints. You receive regular weekly check-ins to stay up to date on the progress.


Quality Assurance

We QA test each two-week sprint deliverable to catch problems early, saving time and money. We deliver the finished product on staging and invite our clients to conduct live tests. For long-term projects, we set up regression test suites to ensure subsequent updates are not breaking functionality elsewhere.


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